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Or the acronym SES for Small Edison Screw is a very common size used throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. It is found in many types of small household lamps from bedside tables to wall lamps and chandeliers. They are produced in various shapes, from spherical to a shape imitating a candle. You can buy them in our store in different color temperatures, from 2800 to 6500K, or Smart LED Bulb.

New on the market:
The fiber-optic LED candle lamp from the Philips Hue range offers pleasant warm white light. It immediately replaces conventional light bulbs and allows modern control using an application, voice assistant or a suitable dimmer switch. The decorative, modern look with a spiral filament makes the LED candle lamp an elegant light source that can also be displayed openly. Intelligent control is successful directly with the smartphone / tablet via Bluetooth or via integration via the ZigBee bridge.

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