Industrial LED Lighting

Industrail Lighting

Why Use Led lights in industrial applications?? LED lights use 40–80% less electricity and have at least 5 times the life expectancy than regular High Pressure Sodium fixtures. LED lamps are 7 times more energy efficient than incandescent and twice as efficient as fluorescent lamps.



13 products

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 products

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 products
30W LED AVANT Flood-Light30W LED AVANT Flood-Light
30W LED Flood-Light RGB+W30W LED Flood-Light RGB+W
50W LED Flood-Light RGB+W50W LED Flood-Light RGB+W
200W LED FloodLight - (160LM/W)
100W Slim LED Flood-Light100W Slim LED Flood-Light
100W ASTRA Premium Flood-Light100W ASTRA Premium Flood-Light
18W Bulkhead LED Light18W Bulkhead LED Light
150W Solid Slim UFO High Bay150W Solid Slim UFO High Bay
100W Solid Slim UFO High-Bay100W Solid Slim UFO High-Bay
18W LED Tri-Proof Batten18W LED Tri-Proof Batten
45W LED Tri-Proof Batten 6000K45W LED Tri-Proof Batten 6000K
48W LED Waterproof Fitting48W LED Waterproof Fitting
50W ASTRA eco Flood-Light50W ASTRA eco Flood-Light

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