Where can I apply G9 LED lighting?

A G9 LED bulb has several areas of application. As mentioned before, this LED lighting fits in the most compact luminaires. Hereby you can think of refrigerator lighting, such as in the photo on the right. G9 LED lighting is also extremely suitable for illuminating a display cabinet, oven and / or extractor hood. Furthermore, a G9 LED bulb is very effective as a decorative application and / or mood lighting in shops, hotels and restaurants. Do you want to switch to G9 LED bulbs? Always check the size of your current G9 lighting first before you buy a LED G9. A G9 LED bulb is usually slightly larger than its conventional counterpart.


G9 LED Bulbs

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 product
LED Bulb 5W - G9 - 360º 4000K - DimmableLED Bulb 5W - G9 - 360º 4000K - Dimmable

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