Dining Table LED Lighting

Plenty of light when eating or reading.

In a small kitchen, you usually don’t have to worry about special lighting above the dining table. This is because the central kitchen light usually illuminates it well if the table is directly below it. However, if you feel that it is dark at the table, it is time to look for a separate lamp, which will brighten your moments at the table with a pleasantly warm light.

Yellow makes dining more pleasant, warm white is better to read.

Choose the color of the light according to what you do most often at the table. If you only eat at the table, choose a light white light with a slightly yellow tint. However, if you also often read or write at the kitchen table, you should reach for a lamp with bright daylight. Another alternative is to choose a lamp or a bulb that contains all the mentioned functions. This means with variable color settings from 2800K (yellowish light) to 5000K (bluish light). I personally do not recommend a higher light temperature than 5000K, but it is a matter of individual taste.

LED Table Light

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