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SKY Lights

LEDEX Lighting specialises in the design and production of ceiling photo panels, artificial windows, and illuminated prints using the latest LED technology and lighting.
With our custom ceiling sky panels, we can put you in the middle of the tropical forest or in the middle of Manhattan, it’s your choice where you want to feel like being.
Production of our panels begins with the right choice of the lighting fixture, continues in our design studio and printing facility where Hi-Tec 3D printing takes place, and ends in our workshop where the product is completed using our best materials and expertise.
Each product is specially made for you and carefully inspected before it’s installed or handed over to our customers.

Our custom ceiling panels have many positive effects, such as increasing the working efficiency in working office environments and reducing stress or uplifting moods in the workplace.

People react positively to places, things, animals, and natural surroundings like green trees, mountains, water, and blue skies.

Corporations and Medical facilities have incorporated LED skylights inside to help patients recover faster and provide a calm environment for their employees.

Schools and Colleges are integrating their ceilings with a touch of nature which in turn make classrooms a more calm and productive place to be in.

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