5 tips for illuminating your home's entrance.

The hall creates the first impression of your home, so you want it to make the right kind of statement. However, hallways can pose a challenge especially as they’re often long, narrow, and on the darkish side. The good news is that with the right lighting you can really lift the space, making it feel lighter, brighter, and more welcoming.


Hallway lighting ideas have the power to offer guests a warm welcome, dazzle them with style or turn the moment you arrive home after a long day into even greater joy.

Thinking carefully about lighting your hallway ideas is important to make the space work – whether it’s an entrance foyer or a thoroughfare elsewhere in the home, these spaces can be dark, narrow, and devoid of natural light. Bringing light into them in a way that makes this potentially awkward nook look and feels its best will totally transform your scheme.

The hallway is often overlooked when decorating, but it is crucial to get it just right as it is the first thing that your guests will see when they come into your home. Introducing the perfect lighting will not only brighten up the space but also elevates the atmosphere by creating an eye-catching and ambient mood.’


‘As much as we love finding the perfect console and table-scaping with an oversized lamp and candles galore, if space is at a premium, it makes more sense to opt for sconces,’ explains Lara Hadad, Design Ambassador for Arteriors. Wall-mounted sconces work well among small hallway ideas, distributing light from top to bottom in the space, without limiting head height or taking up room on the floor.

‘Discrete and atmospheric, wall lights take precious little space and can provide a decorative flourish. We have seen lovely examples of customers using wall lights in pairs or trios along the length of the hallway, which looks particularly stylish and creates an welcoming, warm glow.’


Lighting a long, thin room requires some side thinking - especially if you're looking for ideas for narrow corridors that will make the space look bigger.

"Lighting is a proven method when it comes to creating space, by lighting the ceiling and enlarging a narrow corridor," says Niki Wright, founder of Lightsandlamps.com. A ceiling light that shines in more than one direction will work well.

In this corridor near Yellow London (opens on a new card), a chandelier sputnik with spheres that point in all directions in space, not only creates a focus, but ensures the spread of light around the room.


If you’re lucky enough to have a big entrance hall to hand, embrace full-on grandeur with a over-sized pendant or chandelier.

‘We are seeing a trend for large statement lighting in hallways. ‘It lends personality and makes a statement as soon as guests enter the home. Entrance halls offer a great opportunity to employ an oversized chandelier especially over a staircase.’

In this entrance hall designed by Claudia Afshar a spectacular modern chandelier descends from the center of the room above a seating area, dripping light beams through the double height space.


As your home’s first impression, the hallway is a place where you should make your design intentions clear. When choosing the style of your lighting, consider the overall scheme of your home. If you’re in a period home, lighting may be an opportunity to add a touch of modernity to a scheme. Consider modern interpretations of classic lighting styles, such as Victorian-style orb lanterns, like the one used in this townhouse..

Don’t just need to think about the design of your lighting, but the color of it too. ‘Choosing the correct light bulb can make the world of difference in enhancing the light that flows through the home. A warm white ( 2800 - 3000 K) bulb is best for the hallway as it creates a warm, ambient light that feels welcoming.’

To choose the best lighting for your hallway, you really need to think about the unique shape and size of the space.

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