Proper lighting is key to employee productivity. Light can have a big impact on a worker’s health and their focus. Scientific studies show that workers deprived of natural light are found to be more prone to insomnia, eye strain, fatigue, and distractedness. LED lighting in the right brightness and color can give employees a much-needed boost.

Replacing old fluorescents with newer LED fixtures can offer companies significant savings.

LEDEX Lighting provides a comprehensive service, including retrofitting.

Despite the fact that our company was launched on the market only in 2019, our clients successfully operate 7,382 LED lights with an average return on investment of 2 years and 8 months. The total energy saving of 62% saved EUR 25,893 in operating costs. and the amount of tonnes of CO2 emissions for the environment.

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LED Lighting For Entrance Area's

The entrance area is the 'business card' of a company and therefore has an important representative function. It provides visitors with a first impression from the drive to the reception and communicates a part of the corporate culture. The right light and suitable indoor and outdoor luminaires are decisive factors for a pleasant atmosphere and support visitors and employees with orientation both inside and outside the building and also facilitate work at the reception without causing glare.

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