Lighting Idea's

How to plan living room lighting

A single layer of lighting is never sufficient for a living room, and it’s important that living room wall lighting ideas, ceiling lighting, wall, and floor lamps, along with other types of light are all considered to ensure that the compact space is well illuminated.

‘There are two main things to think about when layering lighting in any room,’ ‘Firstly, how you want to feel in the room, and secondly, what you want to use the room for. This allows you to combine functional task lighting with decorative lighting to create your desired atmosphere.

Use this guide to discover how to plan living room lighting, from the different types of lighting you need to include, to who can help you create the perfect lighting scheme.

Choosing the Right Colour Temperature

Living rooms are areas where you get together and socialize with friends and family. Just as recreational rooms provide the necessary relaxation for young and old. These rooms have one thing in common: they are spaces full of atmosphere. A cozy mood is easy to create with lighting that has a warm appearance. Therefore, the light colour very warm white (1800-2700K) is suitable.


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