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44W LED Panel 120x30cm with PHILIPS Serta drive UGR17 4000K 2 pack

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For safe shipping, this product is packaged in a set of 2.
LED panel WHITE FRAME 44W 1195mm x 295mm It has an elegant lacquered aluminum finish in the oven.
Its efficient high luminosity diode allows it to deliver a uniform light throughout the LED panel ; this allows it to be compared with conventional fluorescence panels of up to 90W, achieving enormous energy savings.
With its immediate start-up and flicker-free system thanks to the Philips Certa Driver , this LED Screen is ideal for places where you want to maximize the illuminated space, projecting light evenly and without glare. Its 120º opening angle makes it perfect for use in professional indoor areas, since it is an IP40 product.
The 44W 120x30 LED Screen - Philips Certa Driver- white frame, can also be suspended or placed on the surface. To be installed on the ceiling, the panel needs the Surface Mounting Frame.
A UGR value of less than 19 is considered adequate for most work and learning spaces.