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Double Sided Emergency LED Sign Kit with Autotest Button

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VAT included

This Double Sided Emergency LED Sign Kit with Autotest Button allows us to practically and effectively signal exits, directions and the location of restrooms.

It uses a 3.6V 800mAh Ni-Cd battery with 3h of battery life. This Double Sided Emergency LED Sign Kit with Autotest Button features a light support with LEDs offering high energy savings and excellent properties.

Its innovative design allows us to install it in four ways; suspended, recessed, side-ways and upright. This kit includes 5 posters (exit, right signal, left signal, forward signal, downward signal and WC).

AutoTest emergency luminaires not only meet the basic requirements of standard emergency lighting products but also include the AutoTest automatic self-test system. The AutoTest products only require visual inspection as the integral luminaire status LED informs the operational status of the luminaire and the type of fault, should a failure have occurred.

Without a doubt, this Emergency LED Sign Kit available here at LEDKIA is a key element in any emergency lighting system.

* Includes test button to check the operation of the unit.

* Permanent lighting.