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600W Heater Infrared Panel white 595x1005x22 surface

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Infrared Heater - Plug and Play Heater, 100 x 60 cm Heating Panel, 600W, Carbon Crystal Technology, IP24, White Body

    • MODERN: The ENER-J Energy Efficient infrared heater revolutionises heating with modern technology. Super flat, the 100 x 60 cm large heating panel can be hung directly on walls and therefore is extremely space-saving while it works.

    • INFRARED HEAT: With 600 watts of power, this Infrared Heating Panel from ENER-J dissipates infrared heat which is very pleasant for the human skin. The heat is distributed to the people nearby and not into the surrounding environment.

    • EXTREMELY ENERGY-EFFICIENT: This infrared heating panel is extremely energy-efficient in operation: thanks to the use of Carbon Crystal Infrared technology, up to 95% of the power is directly converted into heat radiation.

    • No extra maintenance costs (up to 70% more cost effective than conventional heating, e.g central heating).

    • Beneficial in many types of health treatments. It avoids dehydration in air hence no dust or bacteria swirling in room which helps increase in the blood circulation. Great for allergy suffers