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75″ Interactive LED Whiteboard Screen Synetech 4GB+32GB

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Our EDUCA Series LED Screens is the new revolution in collaborative screens. Make your meetings and conferences completely interactive, reach your interlocutors effectively. Specifically designed for the corporate and business sector.

Features Summary:

  • 4K screen

  • 3 display modes: Presentation, standard and night mode.

  • Smart Writing: High-precision infrared touch technology.

  • Exceptional performance Incorporates Android 9.0

24W speakers with patented acoustic development structure:

It has a much thinner membrane design where the sound waves reach the participants directly, without bouncing off the ground, which increases the stereo sound by 14% 2.1 Stereo Sound.

Fully optimized performance with its powerful OPS modules:

Higher performance, thanks to its native Android 9.0 system, provides an instant conferencing experience. Pluggable OPS module design enables high-speed processing power and limitless interactions

Resources that integrates the touch board:

  • Multi-device collaboration.

  • OCR text recognition.

  • Wireless access to files.

  • Co-whiteboard from multiple devices: Support up to 4 terminals in an online whiteboard

  • Multi-language recognition (based on the embedded system language of connected devices).

  • Support built-in mind map software.

  • Wide area network sharing via qr scan. without the need to change your network to the IPF access point.

  • Secure and reliable local area network sharing.

  • Two-way file sharing

  • Screen sharing on multiple devices.

  • File Sharing – Now it's a two-way street to share your data in meetings.

  • You can watch in sync with multi-device screen sharing: allows you to sync and share information between participants.

With our interactive touch screen you will get these advantages:

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness in the process of educational classes.

  • The process of interaction and participation in the classroom is increased.

  • New sources of resources can be used (internet, video, audio,...)

  • The interactive whiteboard is a flexible resource that can be adapted to different school strategies.

  • It accommodates different modes of classes, both individual and collective.

  • Information is shared instantly.

  • Classes held can be recorded and shared and can be viewed at any time.

  • The software makes it possible to access charts, diagrams and templates and save them for future use.

  • Due to the immediate access to the network, program, the blackboard is a vast bank of resources, which if used properly is a very powerful teaching resource.

  • Information can be shared with class attendees in real time, and attendees can wirelessly share information from their devices with all class attendees.

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks