KIT Silicone Glue for LED Strips + Connector + Cover + End Cap - 10mm -IP65

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KIT Silicone Glue for LED Strips + Connector + Cover + End Cap - 10mm -IP65

With our kit you can connect all types of 10mm LED strips with IP65 and protect them for outdoor use.

The kit for waterproof LED strips consists of:

  • Cable with 10cm connector
  • Connector sleeve,
  • End cap.
  • Special silicone pot for LED strips.

Our silicone adhesive and sealant is specially designed for fixing electronic equipment and LED strips.

Our silicone is neutral, does not contain alcohol in its composition, is resistant to moisture and has a semi-rigid texture.

  • It withstands temperatures from -55ºC to 160ºC.
  • Resistant to ageing and weathering.
  • Flexible and stable in the long term.
  • Complies with RoHS environmental requirements.
  • Can be used in machinery, electronics, chemicals, hardware industries.
  • Our silicone does not produce corrosion on plastic.

It is perfect for use in LED strips, also in electronics, communications equipment, moisture sealants and to protect the paint coating of transistors and silicon diodes and coatings.



Construction Material: Silicone

Certifications: CE - ROHS

IP : IP65-Outdoor

Warranty Years: 3

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