200W SOLAR LED Floodlight

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This 200W Solar LED Floodlight AVANT has a solar panel that allows you to recharge your integrated battery. This Solar Floodlight does not need to be connected to the mains. Its installation and operation is very simple, so that during the hours of the day, the panel is powered and charges the battery integrated in the focus. It includes programmable control knob.  Start saving now!


Rated Power : 200w Chip LUMILEDS

Nominal Voltage: DC 3.2V - 20000mA

Colour: 5000K

CRI - Chromatic Rendiment Index: 70

Construction Material: Aluminiun+Glass

Luminosity-Lm: 6800

Number & Type of LEDs: SMD 2835

Beam Angle (º): 120°
Luminous diodo LED (Lm/W): 170Lm/W

Dimmable: YES

Certifications: CE - ROHS

IP : IP65-Outdoor

Temperature Range (ºC): -10ºC ~ +45ºC

Other Information: Panel 20w 5V Polycristaline: 450x350mm

Material of the Battery: LiFePO4 - Litio-Ferrofosfato -LPF - Battery 20Ah - (20000mA). Charge&Discharge: 1500 Times

Download Time: 13H

Control modes: CONTROL + INFRARED

Energy Rating (2021-UE-2019/2015): A++

Warranty Years: 3

Time-Delay: Automatic: 100% 1ªh.- 80% 2ª h. -60% 3ªh.- 50% 4ªh- 30% 5º-8ªh.

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