Aluminum Profile TUBE Model - 2 Meters

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The TUBE LED aluminum profile allows a quick installation by having easy access to the LED strip. The aluminum profile is specially designed to incorporate high brightness LED strips and achieve spectacular effects in the decoration and lighting of any desired space.

With them a simple room will turn it into a unique work of art that completes the linear forms.

Our LED profiles are suitable for different decoration applications such as creating recessed light lines in any type of material, marking stair steps, lighting showcases and shelves, kitchen cabinets, aesthetic solutions in bathrooms, railings, etc. The only limit is your imagination.

Applications of the Aluminum Profile TUBE  Model 

  • Hotels
  • Libraries
  • Bar
  • Home
  • Furniture
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Roofs



Construction Material: Aluminiun+PC

Certifications: CE - ROHS

Dimensions (mm): 2,07cm x 2,07cm x 2cm.

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