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Motion Detector AC220-240V 180º/360ª

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VAT included

Adjustable surface motion detector that allows adjusting the on time, stopping range and light sensitivity. It has a 360º coverage angle and a detection field of up to 6 meters.

The output and input voltage covers a range between 220-240V.

It uses infrared as an activation source when entering the detection field, it has a twilight detector incorporated. The detector is capable of capturing invisible infrared emissions from any heat source without emitting any type of radiation.

It is activated when a heat source moves in front of the switch. In the same way, it is deactivated once the device stops capturing heat. It integrates a timer with the possibility of changing from 5 seconds to 7 minutes.

Includes the necessary screws for mounting. Ideal for automatic lighting for luminaires in corridors, stairs, bathrooms, testers, etc ... 2 year warranty.



Rated Power : Max. 1200W (incandescent). 300W (LED.)

Nominal Voltage: 220V-240V

Construction Material: Flame retardant thermoplastic

Beam Angle (º): 180°/360°

Certifications: CE - ROHS

Diode Life Expectancy (H): 30.000

Dimensions (mm): 44*39.5*22.5 mm

Frequency (Hz): 50/60Hz

Temperature Range (ºC): -20°C ~ +55°C

On/Off Cycles: 100.000

Starting Time (s): 0,2s

Control modes: Infrared

Warranty Years: 2

Range (m): 6 m.